China Services


Confucius says “when it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”. At PHiQ we adopt this philosophy by always seeking to optimise the supply chain and/or distribution network of our clients.

Core Objectives

Determine feasible product offerings and link them to the branding, design, and cost requirements of specific customers and segments.

Determine optimal production methodology and related processes (eg quality assurance, logistics), and identify Chinese manufacturers that can deliver products and/or components at the requisite quality, volume, delivery time-frame, and cost.


PHiQ’s Role

As a natural extension of our service suite, PHiQ’s China Services are aimed at assisting clients with the design and implementation of business strategies that involve sourcing products and components from China.

Through our Shanghai office we are able to not only access local market intelligence in formulating strategies, but we are also able to offer ground level assistance in implementing them as a turnkey solution.

Navigating China’s dynamic commercial, regulatory, and cultural environment can be extremely risky without the guidance of an experienced and respected local agent. However, reliable agents are rare and difficult to identify with confidence.

PHiQ’s China Services mitigate these uncertainties by offering clients a reputable partner that can manage the following functions in China:

  • business development and relationship management;
  • product development and manufacturing procurement;
  • purchase orders and warranty claims;
  • quality control, transport, and logistics; and
  • after sales service.

Shanghai Office

PHiQ China is conveniently located in Shanghai, China’s largest city, financial centre, transport hub, and the world’s busiest container port.