People Management


It is not legal entities and their associated obligations that make a company a business. Rather it is the interaction of people, and their various skills and ideas, that give a business the capacity to convert intangible concepts into realisable commercial output.

PHiQ understands that the performance of a business depends largely on how successful it is at nurturing a collaborative and cohesive environment for its most important resource. Its people.

Accordingly, many of our strategies centre around making sure that the right people are performing the right functions based on the client’s current needs, ultimate goals and specific culture. Our aim is for our clients to operate to their full potential in the immediacy, and to implement the systems and processes that ensure that it maintains these standards as a self perpetuating concern.

To these ends we assist our clients to establish appropriate management structures, within which recruitment, training, retention, evaluation, remuneration, succession planning and various other HR policies assist management, employees, contractors and external advisors to continually and cooperatively maximise productivity in the most efficient manner available.

In doing so, we leverage our own wealth of experiences to provide clients with the benefit of executive level insights (and mentoring) as well as an extensive network of professional advisors and potential alliance partners.

Specifically, and together with our alliance partners, PHiQ can provide a highly skilled and flexible HR department to guide you through the maze of HR offerings and deliver effective solutions for your business.

Our HR services provide you with the necessary controls over HR functionality, accreditation, risk management, and also address your legislative and quality requirements.

Our people management service areas include:

People Temperature Check (PTC)

Employment trends and legislation will constantly change. Investing in a review would allow you to objectively identify areas in need of improvement and assistance, and therby facilitate the maintenance of a stable and productive workforce.

Remuneration Benchmarking Reports

These reports provide a comparison of your organisation’s remuneration with current market trends for salary packaging within your industry.

Performance Development Systems

We can develop and implement a system that measures the performance of staff consistently and fairly, enabling you to set goals and objectives – helping to develop your people to their full potential.

Performance Management Systems

Giving you a strategies, systems and support in managing performance issues as soon as they are identified and long before they affect teams functionality, morale and the achievement of business objectives.

Recruitment Packages

Recruiting people can be a costly and time consuming process. We can assist you with finding the right resource, developing talent pools, and provide you with the right tools to make the right choices for your business.

HR Advisors

We can inject specialised HR people into your organisation who are able to provide a range of services that fit with your specific needs.

Coaching and Mentoring

Clients often recruit people who are “technically” superior at a particular job but have no “people skills”, or have excellent executives who are not sure which direction to take the business. Our coaches can develop and assist your people to deliver business outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Organisational Design and Change Management

As a business expands, contracts or changes direction, so the people element needs to be revised to ensure that the outcomes, skill set and morale stay intact. Our team will assist you to review current roles, performance, your business outcomes and assist with an organisational design and change strategy that is tailored to your needs and that of the business.

In House Seminars and Conferences

Often a key message that you want delivered is more effective coming from an independant third party, or perhaps when it is delivered in a different way. Our team can develop seminars, key note addresses and/or provide key note speakers to cover any related HR challenges relevant to your business. We can also provide motivational speakers to motivate and challenge your team further, and conference facilitators for those management retreats, and planning days.