One of the advantages offered to PHiQ clients is the knowledge and experience gained working for large organisations that translates across the whole spectrum of differing business sizes.

Small and medium enterprises

PHiQ prides itself on being able to bring ‘the big end of town’ to SMEs by injecting our skills, experiences and commercial relationships into our clients’ businesses.

In doing so we provide SMEs with senior executive level insights, elite professional resources, and access to investment capital that might not otherwise be available to them.

PHiQ adopts a lateral and practical approach to identifying risks, efficiencies (both operational and financial) and commercialization opportunities for our clients. And this is reflected in the comprehensive and innovative nature of the business strategies that we design both with and for them.

Large organisations

Having enjoyed success in providing operational and financial expertise to financial institutions, multinational corporations, advisory firms and government bodies, PHiQ’s principals are able to offer a uniquely comprehensive service to large organisations.

In contributing our commercial and technical expertise to strategies, transactions, projects and/or organisational restructures, we are able to seamlessly assimilate with your personnel and advisors without consuming headcount or increasing overheads. And by leveraging our diverse technical capabilities, PHiQ’s multidisciplinary approach creates efficiencies that make it a more time and cost effective alternative to engaging disparate specialty firms.