Capital Investment


PHiQ represents an effective and efficient alternative, to both conventional advisors and contemporary financial intermediaries, in the provision of intellectual, operational, and financial capital to an exclusive clientele of innovative businesses.

Strategic Innovation | Capital Integration


PHiQ actively seeks to de-risk and accelerate the growth of selective advisory clients by participating in businesses as both principal stakeholders and executive management. In this way we hope to increase the quantum and certainty of returns for clients and investors, while mitigating commercial, operational, and financial risks.


PHiQ’s difference is our robust model. Our hands-on processes involve:

  • developing and implementing growth strategies for innovative small and medium size enterprises (typically >$5m revenue), by:
    – immersing ourselves in their management infrastructure
    – mapping their capabilities to our commercial initiatives and relationships
    – developing strategic supply chain and distribution channel partnerships
    – effecting operational and cultural changes that facilitate expansion
    – project managing and implementing business initiatives
    – providing outsource GM, CFO, BDM, general counsel, marketing, IT, human resources, and production resources
  • introducing financial capital at optimal points in time
  • creating synergies by centralizing key business functions across our portfolio
  • expediting the opportunity for stakeholders to exit or realize their investment


Our strategy involves the aggregation of low cost base assets into a geographically and sector diversified portfolio of companies, that are all implementing PHiQ growth strategies, and the creation of our own synergies by centralizing management and administrative functions.