Capital Investment


Strategic Growth | Enterprise Value

PHiQ generates significant growth and enterprise value for clients by:

  • partnering with them to deliver business plans that leverage our professional resources and global relationships; and
  • enhancing financial reporting to optimise management control and facilitate satisfaction of investment and lending criteria.


PHiQ accelerates client growth by introducing our executive resources, relationships, and pool of strategic investors to their business.

In this way we increase the quantum and certainty of outcomes for clients and investors, while mitigating respective commercial, operational, and financial risks.


PHiQ engineers growth and capital strategies in collaboration with the business relationships required to implement them. Our hands-on processes involve:

  • developing and implementing growth strategies for innovative small and medium size enterprises (typically EBITDA of greater than $3m), by:
    – immersing ourselves in & complementing their management infrastructure
    – mapping their capabilities to our broader commercial initiatives & relationships
    – effecting operational and cultural changes that facilitate accelerated growth
    – project managing and implementing business initiatives
    – providing outsource CFO, BDM, commercial, marketing, IT, & HR resources to the extent and until necessary
  • introducing financial capital at optimal points in time
  • expediting the opportunity for stakeholders to exit or realize their investment

PHiQ provides the intellectual, operational, and financial capital and relationships required to enhance business growth and value while attracting capital investment.