Strategic Services


While many businesses have the technical capability to produce inherently valuable intellectual property, or to provide products and services of a unique type or quality, they may not be able to reach their full commercial potential unless facilitated by appropriate structures and strategies.

Core Objective

Determine feasible product and service offerings (which often involve adapting and integrating products and services from multiple markets and manufacturers) and link them to specific customer and segment technical and cost requirements, as well as export channels where relevant.

PHiQ’s Role

PHiQ assists clients to design and manage the implementation of growth strategies, by integrating market data and direct feedback (from market participants and/or relationships) with the client’s technical and market expertise. In this way, the development of products and services occurs in tandem with alliance partner and distribution network development, mitigating both cost and risk. At the same time, PHiQ works with clients to ensure that their financial and operational infrastructure is appropriate for contemplated business initiatives.

Unlike traditional advisors, PHiQ is very hands-on, with services including:

  • researching markets, supply & distribution side targets (including acquiring reports where relevant, and meeting with/speaking to market participants)
  • preparing business cases (including cash flow forecasts) and pitch books (and other marketing information/materials), and approaching targets
  • presentations, commercial discussions and negotiations with targets (ie attend meetings, correspondence, draft proposals/term sheets, organizing lawyers/agreements – including drafting operative clauses)
  • managing implementation of business development initiatives, including ongoing relationship management
  • working directly with the business to ensure that it has the operational & financial infrastructure to implement business strategies (eg meeting/speaking to relevant parties about financing facilities, systems, staffing, grants, logistics, processes etc)


While much work is conducted offsite, and in addition to frequent calls/emails, face-to-face meetings are scheduled at least once a week to discuss all initiatives, issues and progress made, and to determine the way forward according to client preferences and instructions.

By proactively identifying ways to maximize revenue opportunities in relation to existing ‘know how’, as well as reducing costs without compromising on quality, our goal is to assist our clients to outperform their competition.