PHiQ doesn’t just talk to clients about the different ways their businesses might grow. We roll up our sleeves and deliver the strategic initiatives that make it happen.

How does PHiQ interact with clients?

PHiQ typically integrates with client management teams in undertaking a large range of activities, including:

  • engaging, restructuring, mentoring, and managing all levels of staff (directly)
  • identifying, procuring, negotiating, and implementing all types of commercial and financing arrangements (including drafting documents and legal/capital structuring)
  • developing marketing, sales, and promotional strategies (including branding) for the channels that we identify and introduce, and engaging and managing the creative resources that bring them to life
  • developing and implementing intellectual property protection strategies
  • building and managing project budgets and business forecasts, and optimizing accounting reporting
  • procuring and implementing supply chain and operational/system improvements, including process automation architecture via IoT platforms
  • undertaking supplier and client relationship development and management


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